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Bread with Friends

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Bread with Friends

 Today I produced 2 lovely loaves of Honey WW sandwich bread since I was taking dinner to some dear friends who have had more than their share of troubles recently. It's always so rewarding to see how fresh, homemade bread is received. As we all sat dragging our bread through the stew gravy in the bottom of our bowls everyone seemed to just relax and enjoy the quiet company of good friends and good food. 

I have used the same recipe countless times, but decided to utilize the stretch and fold method instead of traditional kneading and was thrilled with the process and the outcome. The crust was thin, but crispy and the bread developed a much more intense WW flavor and the sweet undertones of the honey were much more pronounced. 

I am waiting a few more days now for my sourdough baby to develop a little further. He was born 7 days ago and has been weaned to 4:1 AP/WW feedings every 12 hours. I think I will maintain the AP/WW combination until spring as my house is usually around 67 degrees and I figure they can use the extra boost from the WW. If anyone has any great formulas for my first bake, send them on. I hope to be baking by Thursday or Friday, if all goes well. Plan to post pics of this first adventure, good or bad.