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A couple of more ITJB bakes, OH MY!

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A couple of more ITJB bakes, OH MY!

This was an orange chiffon cake and I will call it an upside down cake and explain that later. I used a spring form pan and manually sliced 3 layers using a vanilla fudge spread for one layer and a chocolate fudge for the other. The cake was finished with enrobing chocolate and I thought a sprinkling of ground almond and some sliced almonds would go well, as a ski bum I don't need to watch my weight.

Well this was not amusing at the time, but this bake turned into a bit of a rodeo. After pouring the chiffon batter into the spring form pan, I began to load it into the oven, accidentally releasing the spring in the process -- chiffon batter all over my kitchen floor. Undaunted, I scraped up what I could and re-filled the spring form pan and baked it off. I then spent the next 10 minutes cleaning up my kitchen floor, cabinets and so on. This morning I bought myself a bundt pan!

The yeasted doughnuts were a snap to prepare and bake off in my deep fryer and mighty tasty with the honey glase!

This is a wonderful book and has opened up a world of dessert baking I never knew I could bake. 

Loving it! Brian



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Nice deserts Ski!.  I made a homemade pumpkin pie today using a Mexican winter squash in place of the normal pumpkin and thought I was being bad - your desserts give new meaning to bad!

Well done Ski - your deserts are as good as your bread!

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I wish I could burn the calories as easy as you!  These deserts look fantastic.  Have to love the premature ejaculation of your cake :)

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Ian, you must try the Hungarian walnut rolls. NO ONE got a bite of these and I am nearly out, so it is time to start another dough batch. I have plenty of filling. The chiffon cake was also to die for, which made up for the baking rodeo! My next will be a chocolate chiffon cake baked in sheets and rolled with a couple of different fillings.

I never knew I could bake these things. I am completely enjoying baking them AND eating them has been a unique pleasure. It is a good thing I am active daily or I would likely soon look like the Michelin Man . . .

Happy baking folks!