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Reinhart Multigrain Straun - measuring ingredients

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Reinhart Multigrain Straun - measuring ingredients

I've been making Reinhart's Multigrain Straun from Whole Grain Breads and have had some trouble figuring out measurements. I recently bought a kitchen scale to measure by weight, but I'm unsure about a few things regarding measuring the various additional grains and seeds I add to the soaker:

  • If I decide to cook the grains (like millet) before adding, should I add by weight before cooking? (Start with 8oz of dry millet, then cook it and add to the soaker).
  • If I add grains after cooking, should I remove some of the water to account for the water that is now absorbed by the grains?
  • If I add nuts or seeds that don't really absorb much moisture (like sesame seeds), should I include them in the weight measurement of the additional grains in the soaker?

I'm in general finding my soaker to be very liquidy, which results in me having to add lots of additional flour when I'm kneading the second day. I'm assuming that means I need more flour in the soaker, but I'm unsure exactly how much.

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  • Cooked grains get weighed after cooking.
  • No, but make sure you drain the grains so you are not adding any 'free water' into your soaker.
  • Yes.

In his 'commentary' on page 102 he mentions that you may indeed have to increase or decrease grain amounts to get the consistency you want.  This all depends on what you add to the soaker as you have already found out by baking this formula.

Your loaf looks really good so you are on the right track to trust your judgment based on how your dough is developing.

Good Luck,