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I've been looking for loaves in all the wrong places....

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I've been looking for loaves in all the wrong places....

Hello to all from my modest digs here in Birdseye Indiana. You might ask,, "Where is Birdseye?" According to the locals, about half way between it's beak and it's a**.  I'm still adjusting to the move from living in Louisville KY for over 30 years and finding myself in a very rural, very isolated but very beautiful spot.

I have been baking as long as I can remember, starting in my grandmother's kitchen as a little girl. Many years between now and then have been filled with college, career, raising a family and taking care of life. There have been times that baking had to wait. But since my baby is now a sophomore in college and I have the fabulous good fortune to work from my home, I find myself returning to my baking roots.

I'm currently brewing 2 lovely batches of sourdough starter in my kitchen and hope to be cranking out some new creations to share soon. It's been almost 18 years since I gave up my sourdough days. Wish me luck! 

I am excited to find this group and can't wait to share ideas, tips and the happiness that baking can bring.





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You came to the right place.

Welcome to TFL, Lorilu,

Karin (from Maine, originally Hamburg)

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From sunny Arizona by way of the Ozark Mountains.

Happy SD baking

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Hello and welcome. I look forward to seeing some pictures and reading about your baking adventures.

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Hello & welcome to TFL  ;)