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Today's sourdough country loaf

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Today's sourdough country loaf

This is the country loaf that I mixed up yesterday and baked off today. I made it with 600g bread flour, 48g rye flour, 30g whole wheat flour, 170g chef (100% hydration) 525g water and 15g salt, Yesterday I dissolved the chef in the water then added it to the flours and gave it a 40 minute autolyse. after that I gave it a nice set of slap and folds adding the salt. I continued to fold it until it seemed properly developed then let it ferment for an hour at room temp. at the thirty minute mark I gave it a stretch and fold, then another at the hour mark. I then retarded it over night. Today I removed it from the fridge and let it sit at room temp for an hour and a half or so, then divided, pre shaped and shaped it and let it proof for almost two hours, I preheated the oven and my stone to 550, gave it a generous steam and baked it for around fifteen minutes at 470, then another fifteen or so at 450. It smells amazing and tastes real nice to.


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Just love your formula and methods.- reminds me of my apprentice Lucy:-)  Well Done!

Happy baking in the New Year WS!

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Hi WS.

Those loaves are really quite nice, especially the crumb.  And your photography is equally nice - it shows them off well.  Thanks for posting.


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Good looking loaf, lovely crumb.  Any reason for the B/W photos ?  Would be nice to see the real colour of the crumb and loaf.

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Hey thanks yall!

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Lovely post.  I love black and white photos too….seems to complement a lean loaf perfectly….simplicity/beauty.


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Julie McLeod

This is a beautiful loaf.  And the photos are really gorgeous too.

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Thanks for the photos of the stages. B&W really suits this loaf. 

I would really like to know your steaming procedure. Other than using a dutch oven, I have not had much luck.


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I preheat a sheet pan on the rack under my stone, then before loading the loaves I splash a little hot water on the pan, then I score the loaves and slide em on in and splash in a bit more water maybe 1/4 cup. depending on how I feel I might do it again in a minute and a half or two.