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Classic Sourdough Baked in LaCloche

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Classic Sourdough Baked in LaCloche

This is one of my all-time favorites.  I love the Classic sourdough baked in the LaCloche.  The crust usually comes out very well, and no tray with water is needed in the bottom of the oven. I bought a Bordelaise scorer online for about $12, and it really helps with the scoring.  Recently, I have used primarily white sourdough starter, but I have added a touch of whole wheat and rye starter, which give the bread a bit of a different taste.  It's fun to experiment.


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I like the looks of this loaf, congrats.

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Thanks so much.  It tasted good as well.  My husband gave it the thumbs up and went back for seconds, so I guess it was OK!

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  i too like a little rye, wheat and spelt in these white breads to give then a little bit better flavor and up the whole gains some - about 7% each doesn'l effect the crumb much the flavor is so much better in my book.

happy baking

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Dabrownman:  Totally agree and thanks for your comments.  I think I will continue to add other grains for a more interesting taste!

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Very nice looking loaf...Love your scoring...seems your investment in a new lame was well worth it.


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I'm sure your husband enjoyed this loaf.  Very nicely done.

I like the grains you've added and they do give a nice addition of flavor as DA commented.

Nice addition to your baking supplies and pretty much a must for some nice slashes.  I find also a serrated knife works well for straight slashing.

I love my LaCloche too.  I also have the longer narrow one though I almost never use it.  I prefer the bell shaped one.  They make such lovely boules and heat up so much faster than an hour of heating up the stones..especially when making a single boule.



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Sylvia: Totally agree.  It's funny that you say that about the long narrow LaCloche.  I have it, too, and hardly every use it.  Iove the domed one as well.  Phyllis