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Freezing already-baked pastries?

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Freezing already-baked pastries?

Hi all,

Just wanted some quick advice.

Today I baked off a full batch of pain au chocolat and other assorted pastries made from the same laminated dough.

Originally I'd planned to just bake half the dough and freeze the rest (or freeze them after shaping), but once I was in the groove, I just kept on going.

So even after unloading a dozen on my boyfriend and his 2 roommates (who ate 9 in less than 10 minutes, ugh), I still have 20 or so left over.

Can I freeze them?? How would you go about thawing/reheating?

Thanks in advance.

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You can freeze them.  I wouldn't thaw them, just put them into the oven as is, or wrapped loosely in foil.  I do that with croissants all the time.