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A couple of ITJB bakes

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A couple of ITJB bakes

Okay the Hungarian rolls filled with walnut are absolutely to die for! This is one of the best things I have ever taken out of my oven!

I baked a half recipe of Bakery Challah:

This enriched dough is similar in many ways to my beloved Pulla, but uses more egg and water rather than milk. The crumb is more open in this loaf, but I do miss the cardamom and perhaps will add some next bake -- a kind of hybrid challah/ pulla bake.

I have had great sweet levain, YW levain pulla results, so I took a similar approach to this challah using about 10% each YW sns SL. This challah has a nice open crust and makes dynamite French Toast, fried in butter and topped with maple syrup or cinnamon and sugar or both. YUMM!

I am really enjoying this book! It is almost time to try the almond horns again . . . oink, oink. The problem is we are getting bombed with snow and I love the skiing, so ski mornings and bake afternoons. It is a happy combination!

Best regards, Brian


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Yum. Those all look great, Brian. 

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great Ski.  Morning cold snow and warm baking still sounds only half right to me but heck, I didn't grow up wanting to Kamikaze down a ski run.  Walnut filled Hungarian rolls make me very hungry and I think that cardamom in the challah would be great. 

Well done and happy Baking Ski - be careful on the ski runs they can be very dangerous even for the most experienced skiers. 

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what to do with all my walnuts.  Both bakes look delicious and very nicely done!  

Enjoy the snow and take care.


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Hi Brian,

You sure are making great progress through the book.  I see each formula surpasses its predecessor :)  I know how that goes!

Challah looks great.  Isn't it interesting that once you get familiar with a certain formula you then have a base off of which to compare?  People around here really like the Pulla loaf too.  Most had never tasted cardamom before tasting it in a loaf of Pulla and they have 'responded' well to the new flavor.  

Sounds like you are well on your way to creating your own formulas…..if you get time when not being challenged by the call of the snow…


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Nice job on the baking.  I bet it tastes just scrumptious.

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Everything looks great Brian.  I have not tried that Walnut bread yet, but you have certainly convinced me to give it a go soon.


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Mini Oven

some with me on the hill.

A hot mug of coffee and fresh warm nut roll.... sunshine and snow!   Yup!  I agree, happy combo.

We're thawing out over here!  Heat wave!  Slush everywhere!  

Baking is better for my ankle and rib.  I'm stuck on risk behaviour control.  


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Your comments inspire me to want to bake more from this wonderful book! I am really enjoying baking my way through the book AND eating the results. Being a single skibum and doing full recipes, I have quite a large amount of both almond paste and Hungarian walnut filling. I guess it is time to peruse the recipes and find something to bake this afternoon.

It is an early end to the ski day and after 2 days of deep snow my legs were shot after 2 hours. Time for a cafe con leche and some walnut roll!

Happy baking folks! Brian

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You know, baking stuff like that walnut roll, if you are single it's by choice. My wife caught me with a sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake. It was love at first bite!


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. . . bake me a cake like that, It would be love a first bite for me as well! Sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake. Oh my! and the list gets another item longer. My to bake list is getting seriously out of hand. I am however, loving the results!

Best regards, Brian

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rolls look to die for !  Really very hungry now!

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I'm fairly new to this site and am wondering what cookbook these recipes are from and if the recipe for the Hungarian rolls is posted somewhere.  Thanks

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It's from Inside the Jewish Bakery.  It's worth getting.