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Sourdough with Sesame Seeds and Sourdough Rye with Ground Caraway

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Sourdough with Sesame Seeds and Sourdough Rye with Ground Caraway

Hey guys, this is my first Fresh Loaf blog, but I have been reading these pages for a long time. Bread is my thing. As I know it is for a lot of you. Anyway, I am a part-time baker (, full-time school teacher, but.... Friday was a rain-out day in South Florida (our version of a snow day, sorry everybody in most of the rest of the country right now)! So, no school, which means I could bake!

I decided on experimenting with seeds. Check out the fruits of my unexpected day off below: two country sourdough boules with sesame seeds and two sourdough rye boules with ground caraway. I used ground caraway because I screwed up and ordered ground instead of whole. I am using the Tartine method for high hydration dough, modified to accommodate my schedule. Which today meant I did a bulk rise of 3.5 hours, then shaped the loaves, then had a relatively short, room-temperature (75 F) final rise of 2.5 hours.


I ended up being very pleased with the results! Both varieties had nice oven spring, crisp crusts, and a moist, open crumb. I love the earthy quality the sesame seeds lend to the mild tang of the country sourdough. As for the rye with ground caraway... Not a bad experiment! The flavor of the caraway came through and complimented the rye, as always, but it was a bit more mild and even flavor compared to using whole seeds. Below, I have the formulas I used. Thanks for sharing my bake with me!

Leaven (100% hydration; enough for 4, 1000g loaves, with some leftover)

300g - Water

3tbs - Sourdough starter

50g - Organic rye flour

250g - White/Wheat Flour 50/50 blend

Mix and cover with a towel. Seeya in 8 hours or so!


Final Dough

Country Sesame (75% hydration; yield: two 1000g loaves)

750g - Water

200g - Leaven

450g - All-Purpose flour

450g - Bread flour

100g - Whole Wheat flour

20g - Sea salt

1 cup toasted sesame seeds


Rye with Ground Caraway (80% hydration; yield: two 1000g loaves)

800g - Water

200g - Leaven

200g - Rye flour

600g - All-Purpose flour

200g - Bread flour

20g - Sea salt

1 cup ground caraway seeds


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that turned put perfect for a first post on TFL - Welcome and happy baking!

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Thanks for the welcome, glad to be part of the community!

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Very nice breads.  Welcome!

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Thanks! I am looking at some of your posts and will be commenting on your great looking stuff, too!

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Floyd, I'm a dumb-dumb, didn't realize it was you I was responding to earlier... but, anyway, thanks for welcoming me and thanks for having all of us! I have loved this site for a long time!

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Looks like your baking apprentice has an eye on a few of your beautiful breads!  You better watch out or you may be missing one of them soon :).

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His name is Bruce and he is very helpful in the kitchen (when he's not being a trouble maker)!

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looking loaves there and some nifty scoring !  I might have a go at the Country Sesame :-)  You say you're a part-time baker.  How many days do you bake and is the profit margin worth the effort ?

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Thanks for the nice comments! I bake every Friday night (making a total of 32 loaves or so), for selling at the local farmers market Saturday morning. I wish I could do more, but so far that is as much as I can do out of my house. Strictly for profit, it is probably not worth it... I am definitely not getting paid well for my labor. But I get a lot more out of it than just money. It's a passion that may turn into an occupation some day. Are you thinking of trying something like that?

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First, let me say that those are top notch sourdough breads! Serious hardcore stuff! you definitely have experince, it shows.

And yes, it is hard to draw much profiting from a meager weekend bake, i know, i've just started baking for a market ( nothing like you 32 loaves, though). But, as you said, this is the inevitable road to success. Keep up the passion and baking!


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Thanks, Khalid! Awesome to hear encouraging words from a fellow weekend market hustler. I look forward to reading posts about your next market bakes. I wish you great success and fun! - Joel

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Nice bread and a cut lil assistant. 

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Thanks! I am training him to be a Labreador Retriever.

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Julie McLeod

Wonderful appearance to these loaves and I'm sure just as delicious.

I'm curious, did you add the sesame seeds after an autolyse?

I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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Thanks, Julie! Yes, the sesame seeds (and the ground caraway) went in, with the salt, after an autolyse. This has always worked well for me when adding anything into my doughs.