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Le Pain au Levain

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Le Pain au Levain

Here is my first bake from The French Baker by Sébastien Boudet. Came out very nice. I had to retard the final rise overnight in the fridge. Sleep was in need. Next morning I took it out and let it finish rising at room temp for a few hours. Has rye in it and that contributes to the flavor of the loaf. The family and I liked the loaf very much. The recipe says it makes one loaf. It was to big for my cast-iron cooker so I split it into two loafs. Came out fine.


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Looks really attractive, Manna! Nice job. 

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Very nice.  Looks great.

What can you tell us about the formula and procedure for this one?

How did it taste?

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i saw that book recently and flipped through it and nearly bought it.  Looks like it was a worthy purchase.

Nice Baking


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looks great. Hope it tastes as good as it looks!  How could it not?

Happy Baking

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Very nice, indeed.

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Finally dropped back in to check-up. Thanks for all the compliments. The loaf was nice. It had a general rye flavor to it. I did use my levain but it didnt sour it much. I have been running some experiments and finally have some observations which I will post in another thread. Time will tell if my conclusion holds true in the long run about developing (atleast) my sour. I did bake this using a double-cooker instead of steaming the oven.