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Please diagnose my KA mixer -- bowl lift not working

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Please diagnose my KA mixer -- bowl lift not working

Hi, I have a KA Pro model (Pro HD, I think -- I believe it was a Costco model) bowl-lift mixer. I bought it used and it was never in tip-top shape but, while making a large recipe of cake batter recently, the lift mechanism failed on me. Now the lever doesn't work well at all (barely lifts the bowl when empty and won't lift at all without assistance when full) and will not lock into place on its own. With any load in the bowl, I have to push up on the lift arm while turning the lever or the lever just keeps turning and won't actually lift. I also have to get the lever into just exactly the right place (usually after multiple tries) or the lift arm won't stay in place at all.

Is this fixable? I am guessing it is but how do I do that and how much will it cost me? I am wanting to just sell this mixer since I don't love it anyway but I won't get any money for it as is and don't want to try selling without fixing it properly, either.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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How about this

Google is your friend. I didn't watch that but there were a lot of links that popped. If you bought the mixer used, it may be gunked up or a spring broke

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Excellent link!

I'm pretty sure the video is describing and fixing exactly what is wrong with your mixer as there is not that much that can go wrong in that area of the mixer, its a pretty simple mechanism.  

This on-line parts supplier that posted the video posted another one that I used to change out my plastic gear housing with a new cast metal one on my KA Pro 600 (this was a weak point on earlier Pro 600's, KA has since changed to the metal housing).  My housing never actually cracked from stress (which is what happened over time), I just knew about the weakness and changed it out before the gears got damaged.  So far, my mixer hasn't had any issues beyond my "preventative" procedure.

One thing about KA mixers, If your a bit handy, you can usually fix it yourself. They're not that hard to work on, the videos prove it.  All the parts are readily available.  I, for one, appreciate this.