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Seems the Ankarsrum Original went up $100 in price.

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Seems the Ankarsrum Original went up $100 in price.

Looking around at PHG and a few other site seems it's now $799. 

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  They had a notice up for a while that the price was going up substantially sometime in 2014. I bought mine from another supplier right at the end of December and got the old $699 price. Having used it a number of times over the last couple of weeks I can say it is worth every penny I paid for it and if I had to pony up $799 I would still feel the same way.

  My wife has been yelling at me for making bread every night after work because it's far more than we can eat or even freeze conveniently. I've been having too much fun experimenting with the Ankarsrum to stop and there are plenty of people where I work that are willing to take the high output off my hands.