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We 3 gmas baked Olive Cheese Loaves

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We 3 gmas baked Olive Cheese Loaves

Helen chose this bake. The lead in picture is her crumb. Watching Martha Stewart bakes on was what really convinced us to do the bake... She made this bread look so good and so easy... Good and Easy are two of our favorite ingredients!!!

Here is the dough.  Helen's comment was that this was a nice little "cheesy" dough ball... looks great! The dough was moist and somewhat sticky. Nice and soft.

 Baked up beautifully. Check out those lovely olive slices. 

This bread is so very good as toast! With freshly sliced tomato, with sliced mozzarella, with peach preserves... great with just about anything. Makes a good little "pizza bread" with pizza toppings.

Barb used jalapeno's and cheddar... there was an olive "sneaker" in the family olive jar... 


Those two sisters of mine are some great bakers... wonderful, wonderful.... Other than Lucy stealing olives, no other appearances in their kitchens... Helen also baked Sourdough bread and Barb also baked Tartine bread, busy breadies those sisters!

My bake went well too... first time I tried the putting a glob of wet dough in a hot pot...


With the lighting... this really reminds me of the OLD movie... the Blob! Or a real brain loaf... LOL...

I was thinking that was going to be really hard to get into a hot pot!

But the parchment paper helped and even I ended up with a pretty good looking bread!


One of the best breads we have made... I was thinking it would be good with Salami cubes and Swiss cheese... sounds good to me.

We have a new cookbook "Ina Garten" and we are planning next week's bake... See you then.

Happy Baking... Helen, Diane, and Barbra (youngest to eldest)




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Very well done all the way around by all 3 of you.  IF the girls would let us, Lucy and i would bake olive and cheese bread every week and not let anyone else have a bite!  Maybe that is why they won't let us bake it:-)  Jalapeno and cheddar sounds delightful as well.  Perfect for Brownlady since she starter adopting men of color:-)

The Ina Garten Cookbook will be a treasure no doubt.  A woman of her stature cannot be a bad cook in any way!

Happy baking in 2014 GMA's

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Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your oven this year~!

Happy Baking to you too.


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My favorite kind of bread!  Looks great and must taste as good as it looks.  I love eating anything with cheese!

Thanks for sharing.