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Temperature Probe Device for Home Oven?

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Temperature Probe Device for Home Oven?

Hi there guys,

I've been wondering if any of you know of a device that I might install to read the accurate temperature of my home oven. I've realized not to trust the digital screen, which I'm sure is not a reflection of the real temp. inside the oven.

I've been looking on eBay for a probe, but could not find anything. Not looking for a thermometer, but something that will have a wire in the oven and a screen out for constant reading.

Let me know if you know something that I don't.


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looking for something like this:

You'd put the probe into the oven (assuming the wire is thin enough that the door would close) and check the temp on the display. I don't know how well they work, never had one. I think a simple oven thermometer is more or less sufficient, if you have where to put it, but I agree that a constant monitoring screen would be nice.

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including some of the Maverick brand. They are accurate and work well. The probe/cables do fail eventually. Replacements are about $10. Try to keep moisture from getting into the solid metal probe where the braided metal cable enters it. That's one thing that will cause the probe to fail, getting moisture inside of it. Try to flex the cable as little as possible, that's another failure point, flexing and breaking the internal wires, where the braided cable enters the solid metal probe and at the plug end.

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Mike Fitz

If you're looking for something that will last a good while and is accurate, check out ThermoWorks products. I use the Dual Channel Thermocouple with various K-Type probes for both cooking and BBQ, usually one insert probe and one oven probe to monitor the air temp. You can just use one probe for the oven temp if you don't have a need for internal food temps.  (scroll down to the Crocodile Clip Oven Probe)

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The Yakima Kid

I have an Oneida probe that is sold for use with roasts. You stick the probe into whatever you are baking, and just close the oven door over the cord. The actual temperature scale portion sits on the counter.