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Whole Grain Baking at KAF

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Whole Grain Baking at KAF


I recenlty took a class at King Arthur Flour in Norwich VT (USA) on baking with whole grains. I've been baking since I was a teenager and thought I was doing well enough, so was surprised at how much fun the class was, as well as the many things that I learned.

We made a whole grain braided loaf, a seeded multi-grain cracker, and pumpkin whole wheat muffins.

It was great to see the recipes made and be able to ask questions as we went through each recipe.

i.e. How long does whole wheat flour stay fresh? (read the label on the package. if the flour smells bitter/sour, the oil in the germ has turned and the flour should not be used. You can extend the life of the flour by storing it in the refrigerator, or even better, the freezer)

What is the best kind of yeast to use? (Instant yeast is the preferred yeast for most KAF breads. If you can't find instant yeast the yeast made for bread machines is the same or similar. Also, instant yeast is best to use for whole grain baking) (I've always used the rapid rise yeast--anything to speed things up, but now I understand the many dimensions of flavor we can achieve by not rushing the rise and giving the dough time for the flavors to develop).

Happy baking!