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Chocolate hazelnut biscotti

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Chocolate hazelnut biscotti

I spied some chocolate hazelnut pastry in the deli yesterday and that set off the craving. I did a google search and came up with this recipe:

I scaled the formula to one half  and discovered I had only 20g of brown sugar and needed 105g. I improvised by adding 60g white sugar and 25g malt syrup. The results are outstanding! Next bake of these goodies, I will use all brown sugar, but reduce the amount and continue to use the barley syrup. YUMMMMM!

Happy baking folks and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Brian


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nora sass

Biscotti has always been my fav. I could just finish them myself without sharing. I tried doing the chocolate version, but it turned out pretty dry. I just baked the ones with pistachios and cranberries just before xmas and it turned out pretty awesome. Perhaps shut try to do your recipe. Enjoy !!!

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. . . biscotti. Looks so good I bought pistachios today and have cranberries in the pantry.this recipe was much different than any biscotti recipe I have tried before and like the results. Thanks for sharing! Brian

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I make all manner of biscotti but one aspect I still have to master is cutting through chunks of nuts. I have chickened out by making my biscotti with either chopped nuts or slices. What seems to happen is that the nut comes out of the slice while I am attempting to slice through it. Do I need a lighter touch? An electric knife?

 I cut my biscotti while warm, I have used a sharp knife and a serrated knife. My best so far is my serrated bread knife.

Comments very welcome.

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. . . slicing and like you use a serrated bread knife. I always chop the hazelnuts and as they are roundish, hard to chop evenly, so I always have a mix of coarse and fine.

To cool the biscotti before slicing I put the tray outside where is is below 0C for 10 or 15 minutes. 

Happy baking, Brian

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Hazelnuts don't coip well. I have found that they split in half quite nicely. I scale the amount I need and lay them out on the counter in a single layer. Then I cover them with a small cutting board and press down hard.....several times. the "taller" ones split nicely in half. I remove them and repeat. It take 3-4 times but I end up with nice halves, which are the right size for my needs. Not practical for large quantities, but for 50-100 grams it just takes a minute.