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Waffle maker - which gets the moisture out?

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Waffle maker - which gets the moisture out?

I have a great sourdough waffle recipe, I think the waffle maker is the problem.

When we bake bread it's critical to get the moisture out of the bread (though preserved in the oven for the crust - but that's a different thread...).  The problem with waffles is that they tend to become soggy within minutes of coming out of the waffle maker.

Is there a waffle maker designed to allow the moisture to escape while baking the waffle?

I guess the bottom line is - which is the best waffle maker and produces a waffle that stays crisp?


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I don't think I have ever had a waffle that stayed crisp for long. 

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I used to put waffles into a low oven, straight on the rack, when they came out of the waffle maker.

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I have the Kitchen Aid  which you can do two waffles at once.  I always make a double batch, then freeze them in portions.  When we feel like waffles, take two out and heat in our convection oven, and comes out nice & crispy.  Have had this waffle iron for a few years now and still works perfectly.