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Which scale(s)?

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Which scale(s)?

I'm looking for a good kitchen scale. Actually, two scales: one for weighing flour, etc. and a spoon or small precision scale for weighing salt/yeast/etc when needed.

After reading through some discussions here, I'm weighing (ha ha) the merits of the MyWeigh KD8000 and the OXO Good Grips with pull-out display. I'm a little concerned about the time-out feature on the latter... it sounds like it is non-adjustable. Does anyone know how long it is? The fraction display on the OXO also seems more gimmicky than helpful...

I'd love suggestions for the smaller precision scale. I see good prices on the Admetior spoon scale, but I wonder if a portable .1g scale might not be better (I might also use this for weighing coffee beans, should I go that route)?

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My preference for  weighing my flour is the Escali digital scale.  I have tried different brands and they just don't operate as well.  The Escali is easy to read.  Takes up little room in a kitchen drawer or on the counter.  When the tare feature is used it does it instantly.  It measures in both grams and oz.  I use mine all throughout the day because I bake daily.  Mine has held up for several years.

For my small precision measuring I use a DigiWeigh  DW-100AS.  It doesn't get the work out my Escali does but I have been very pleased with it and it too has lasted for several years.


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Hi fncll.

I bought cheap digital scales 6 years ago from Target and they're stll going strong.  I bake bread average 3 times per week, pizza once weekly, bananabread every month or so, pancakes once weekly, and buns, cakes, biscuits etc from time to time, and also use the scales for the odd other weighing job. So I suppose I'd categorise myself as a relatively heavy domestic scales-user! I have to change the battery once every 6 months or so. Other than that, I haven't had a moment's problem. These scales cost about $35 from memory, certainly no more. Can check the brand if you like, but I think it's likely any cheap scales from a reputable big store would be just as good.

Re precision weighing, my baker friend Yozza uses jewellers' scales, which he says he picked up for around $20 off Ebay.

IMO, this is one of those rare cases where it pays to buy cheap, rather than shelling out far more for quality. Always depending on purpose and situation, of course. I'm only talking about domestic baking and cooking.


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I 'm amazed at the battery life too (with the backlight turned off). I ordered a power supply with it, and after a year the wire broke at the strain relief, so I put batteries in "just for today." I have a bake day once or twice a week, and I think it's had the same batteries for a year. The platform on the KD8000 is  a little small for scaling large loaves, so I bought a small stainless platter that I divide onto.

The 10kg version of the OXO looks nice, though. Most of my dough batches are ~8kg, and the OXO could weigh that in the bowl. My first scale was the 5kg OXO, which my wife borrowed for packages (it's still going strong).

I also have a 0.1-1000g pocket scale for yeast, that I got from Harbor Freight for $10.

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when getting a scale, at least for me. How well sealed is it? I am always dropping ingredients (flour, sugar, liquids, etc) on the scale readout and buttons. Also, pressing buttons with sticky, dough coated hands. My $25 Escali Primo Digital scale is well sealed, with sealed buttons, and has survived my sloppiness for at least 5 years and wipes clean each time. ;-)

It weighs from 1 gram through 11 lbs. A single U.S. nickel weighs 5 grams and that's what the scale reads. Two AA regular alkaline batteries run it for over a year between changes.

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I have an Escali Arti and am not happy with it for a few reasons, but the biggest is that the display is hard to read when there's a decent-sized bowl on it. Looks like the Primo wouldn't suffer from the same problem.

The KD8000 is selling for just $35 (including shipping) right now, so I'm not trying to spend and arm and a leg!

It seems like that for the .1g increment scales, those cheap scales are going to work fine. I was most curious about the functionality of the digital spoons because the form is convenient and one is going for $10 right now...

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Another vote for the KD8000. Ive been using one for nearly 3 years.

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And another vote for the KD8000. Best kitchen scales I've bought in a long time, although not the prettiest. 

i use smartweigh jewellers scales ACC200 for very tiny amounts (great for accurate sub gram measurement of yeast for poolish, etc...)


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I have the Escali and like it very much.  When looking I noticed however; that there are a number that look very similar with similar information and display layout; so I suspect that Escali is only one of a number of vendors that have the same source for the 'innards' of the device.  And, prices were pretty much the same (around low to mid $20).

The features I like are 3 choices of measurement grams, and ounces to tenths, and ounces to hundredths (although it goes in units of .05).  The function and self turnoff.

I picked the Escali because at the time it had the better price.  For the past 5 or so years it has provided for all my baking needs.

Have fun,


Tom C


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Don't get a spoon scale. Waste of money honestly. Get something like this ...

It's big enough to put a coffee mug on it or a glass and weigh into. It's incredibly accurate and good up to 1 kilogram. My version goes to a hundredth of a gram and has held up for years now. 

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I love the my weigh KD 8000, I replaced my escali with it and haven't looked back.