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Poolish and bread machine?

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Poolish and bread machine?

Are there any rules or concerns about using a poolish in a bread machine? I thought of starting one, adding it to the liquid in a bread machine (to make the dough.... I want to bake it in the oven later).


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I ended up fermenting the poolish right in the machine's bucket.



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John E. Force

I make pre-ferments in the bread machine on dough cycle for 10 minutes and let sit 24 to 48 hours. Then add ingredients to the pan and again use the dough cycle through rise 1. I remove the loaf, let rise again and oven bake. Any recipe can be used with a poolish/pre-ferment by reducing flour 2/3rd cup and water by 1/3 cup.


John Force

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Interesting idea about using it for the poolish. I mixed it with the water. I also tinkered with the recipe, trying to guess what might work. Result was mediocre, but I will still experiment.