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Gingerbread and 3 gmas

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Gingerbread and 3 gmas


                                         Gingerbread and Sprinkles

                                             with icing so sweet.

                                         Today we baked cookies

                                              for Santa to eat!!


Ha! In reality... unless some got put in the freezer, Santa, that old chubby guy, is out of luck!! At least in my house! 

We had a great time baking sugar cookies and gingerbread... Helen's Gingerbread Invasion is our lead in shot... She made trays for her kids to take to their jobs and their neighbors... Actually Helen had a baking, candy making day with her kids and made awesome aprons for everyone to wear during the family SWEET day... 

Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies all look great... and then she had the gingerbread men standing on their heads...

and it was Dancer and Prancer, and Donner and Vixen, Dasher and... well you know... lots of Rudolph imposters with those red noses!!! I really think they are cuter than Gingerbread MEN.... 

Barb set up a Sugar Cookie tray for the Great Grand kids to have fun decorating ... 

The named cookies are for each of the artists and the palettes are below.... 

And then there are my cookies... 

Whooo hooo.... refrigerator art AND calories... I know I have said this before ... but the fun we have together baking makes each week so special... What a gift my sisters are! Not just to me, but to everyone in their lives.

 and now in the words of the youngest in the family.... Ahhhh.... time to go Shopping....

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Check back next week to see how our Christmas Tamales come out! 

Happy Baking, Barbra, Diane and Helen




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...looks just like mine! :^)
The cookies are beautiful, and the upside-down-gingerbread-men-reindeer - *adorable*.
I'm going to make some of these for a couple of little ones I know - thanks so much for the idea!
Happy holidays,
:^) breadsong

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Very creative!  All the cookies looks so delicious and making them with grand and great grand kids had to be special.  So far all Lucy and I have to eat are about 60 snicker doodles  - one of my favorites, that my wife made,  She is way behind getting anything like a dozen different Christmas cookies done and with our daughter off to New Mexico and Colorado for Christmas - she is having to get them done by herself.  Lucy loves your iced sugar cookies and ginger people and animals - so do I.  Well done GMA's

Marry Christmas to all of you and yours!



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These are A-dorable.  Especially the reindeer.  Lucky Santa.

THanks for sharing.


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Those all look great  ;)

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The cookies were a lot of fun to bake. I saw the reindeer cookies on YouTube and just couldn't resist trying to make them. They were a hit at my daughter's work so I will add them to the list for next year. Yikes! I'm already planning for next year!! Happy Holidays to all!

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to all who have encouraged we 3 gma's throughout the year, we have learned so much from posts. And admired breads from one and all.

Some of our ventures into new ways to make breads have turned into adventures (well, okay,have to admit some were disasters) but we have had a great time trying together.

Today is pie making and a bit of last minute shopping. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !


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What a nice way to brighten things up for the holidays.   So pretty!  -Varda

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Beautiful baking.  Thanks for sharing your adventures throughout the year with all of us.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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We have been so inspired by you and dabrownman, and Varda, and Janetcook... and so many others... what fun it is to have a place to learn and share and get advice... and tell our stories.. and read about y'alls experiences... Thank you Floyd for keeping this website going... Happy New Year, all y'all.