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10/20 Bake

Wingnut's picture

10/20 Bake

Decided to try my hand at Fuogasse, first time ever.

Oil cured Olive with herbs...

After 3 folds I added said Olives & Herbs

Shape and Bake

Cheers all,



isand66's picture

Looks perfect.  It must have tasted as good as it looks.

happy holidays Wing!

dabrownman's picture

and your first shot at such a odd shaped bread is spectacular!  Well done.  Next time Ian will get you to put some cheese, bacon and onion in there too!  Well it is worth a shot trying to prove him wrong and if he is not, then you win either way :-) Lucy is starting to get that hungry growl going!

Happy Baking Wing and Cheers right back at ya! 

golgi70's picture

Looks fantastic.  not bad for a first try as it can be a sticky issue to get the cuts clean

Nice bake