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Pre Holiday Baking

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Pre Holiday Baking

So I made a few loaves and a lot of cookies, here are some pics…….

Toasted Wheat berries before scalding them…..

Conventional Yeast dough divided and ready for baskets



Then it was cookie time. I think all tolled, I made 30 dozen. Most of them are going to my sainted Wife's workmates for a end of year celebration, (I am not invited)…..

Classic Chocolate Chips with 60% bittersweet Chocolate and toasted Pecans….

I also made Toasted Pecan, Granola, Maple cookies (some of them are on the top rack)

Someone wanted Lebkuchen cookies but I could not find the wafer paper to go on the bottom so I came up with my own Lebkuchengewürz Spiced Cookie.

This involved making candied Lemon and Orange Zest….

after some trial and error the cookie base was done, as you can tell I have sort of an obsession with Pecans...

Baked and ready for a glaze...

I made a Myers's Spiced Rum Sugar Glaze….

Well whatever you celebrate this time of year have a good time doing it. But be mindful not all people see the world through your glasses, and that is okay.




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is not at all a bad thing if you ask me.  So what do you have to do to get invited to cookie fest? The bread and cookies all look fantastic - put me into the Holiday Spirit. Well done Wing and Happy Holidays to you!  That bread is something to behold!

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I'm afraid it's an employees only kind of get together DAB.

Thanks for the kind words.



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I sure hope they all appreciate all that went into your cookies!  They look scrumptious.

I couldn't help but note your cooling rack.  I have one of those too but replaced it with one of these that is much easier to use.  (It is the one on the far right - 'tiered')

The lemons and oranges look so pretty with the rind removed.  I never knew that the tool you used was for that purpose…..I am thinking new kitchen toy tool on the horizon….though I don't use citrus peel often so I end up purchasing mine off of the KA store….

Thanks for a peek into your kitchen.

Take Care,


Wingnut's picture

Well Janet they are Californians so probably not, ;) I had those racks forever, as they say, if'n it ain't broke…..

I have to confess I use that tool more often for cocktails than baking. Cheap enough at your local restaurant supply store.

Thanks for the kind words.



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I adore pecans myself. Will you share the Toasted Pecan, Granola, and Maple recipe? Yum!

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Just because this is a bread site doesn't mean we can't drool over cookies too! I haven't made Lebkuchen in years but I will now. I live in north Florida near a ready supply of wonderful Georgia pecans. This year I shelled 20 pounds and now 10 pounds are in my freezer. They are my second favorite nut - my husband is my first favorite nut. Okay, I am going to make Lebkuchen now...

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Wow!  What great looking cookies!  I love anything with pecans and I bet I could eat a whole bunch of these beauties!



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All looks fabbo! And good on you for making your own peel - so much better than the commercial stuff.