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Whole Wheat Pullman Bread, and Pastry # 9

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Whole Wheat Pullman Bread, and Pastry # 9

Last week, i was contemplating the idea of creating a bread that is soft, delicious, and healthy for the young ones. Pullman, and toast bread were two favorites of my kids, but those were all white breads. Looking back in Hamlemans book: Bread, I saw a few notes I have scribbled once on how to convert the Pullman recipe into a whole wheat one without losing much of the original flavor and texture. It was time to put my thoughts to the test. I’ve created a preferment , added some wholewheat flour, and increased water to make a soft dough. The recipe is as follows:

 Stiff preferment:

182 g                                      Bread Flour

128 g                                      Water

¼ tsp                                     Instant yeast

(mix and let ferment for 8 hours at room temp. or for up to 3 days in the refrigerator)

Final Dough:

426 g                                      Bread Flour

300 g                                      Whole Wheat Flour

5 Table spoons                       Milk Powder

1.5 Table spoons                     Sugar

3 Table spoons                       Soft butter

517 g                                       Water  

1 Table spoons                        Salt

2 tea spoons                            Instant yeast


Total dough yield:            1576 g

% Prefermented flour:   20%

% Whole grain:                  33%

Total hydration:                                71%

The dough was mixed in my mixer, finished by hand, and was rounded and left to ferment for 2 hours with a fold half way through. The dough was then divided into 1 kg. for Pullman pan, and 576 g for a smaller pan. Final fermentation was 1 hour and 15 minutes, after which they went into a preheated oven at 400 F for 15 minutes, and 25 minutes at 380F.

Next day, I sliced the Pullman loaf into beautiful squares that had an even fine structure, and a very soft crumb. I made a Zaatar sandwich this morning and it tasted great! It tastes gorgeous toasted.

The recipe test went well. I plan on sneaking in more whole wheat next time and see how the kids would like it. They loved this one!

As to Pastry, it was time to move on to baked desserts, as ovens are now certified for operation . Among other desserts, we made Cream custard, Cream brulee, and baked cheese cake.  I was especially excited to learn how to make cream custard, as it was one of my childhood favorites.








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annie the chef

Beautiful desserts, especially the creme caramel. It is my family's favourite, too.

Your loaf looks wonderful.  I like the idea of Zaatar sandwich.  Apart from the Zaatar flat bread at Lebanese bakeries, I haven't seen any one served a Zaatar sandwich so far over here.

Thank you for sharing your bake, Khalid.


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Thanks Annie!

It is unheard of even here in Dubai. I had Zaatar mix in my fridge, and had to make a quick sandwich in a hurry.


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healthy WW loaf like that one for sandwiches and toast!  I bet the young ones will catch you trying to sneak more WW in there:-)  It is about as perfect inside and out as they get!  Well done.  The deserts look super as well.  The cream caramel is a sight to behold and one of our favorite variations around here is flan.   

Happy baking Khalid

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Thanks, DA! Let us hope that the wholewheat addition goes unnoticed. ;)

Flan! I've only noticed now that a flan is yet another name for cream custard.


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your loaf looks really good I bet they are as tasty as they look

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Thanks, Ceci! Yes it is very good Indeed. 


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Nomad Bread

A quick sandwich loaf recipe. just what I needed!

Shukran Khalid! ;)

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Thanks! My pleasure, Artizan.

Tikram :)


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Your pullman loaf looks perfect. With more whole wheat it will be better than perfect! Perhaps the antidote to crème caramel. 

Flan is probably a bit healthier, with less butterfat. I actually prefer it, but have difficulty resisting either.


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Next bake, i will aim for 50% wholewheat pullman which can become my go to bread. 

So, is the flan that you refer to similar to the photograph above?


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What a great looking loaf and it must taste great.  I love your experimentation and it looks like it came out perfect.  Those deserts look fantastic as well.  So how much weight have you gained so far tasting your projects??



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Thanks, Ian!

I have gained a few pounds. you have taste what you make, and they are super delicious! :)