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We 3 gmas baked Gubana

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We 3 gmas baked Gubana

Wow, where did the week go... I haven't even posted last week's bake and Wednesday will be this week's!!! Busy times these holidays. We are all baking goodies for the holidays and they are being well received... Our Sisters' bake was Gubana... Barb inspired this one and it reminded us a good deal of the Babkas we baked from ITJB. Here are the pictures... No problems this week... fun conversations and a fun bake. Helen's whole loaves are the lead in picture, and here is her crumb shot.


Very nice, sweet dough that was a hit with everyone who tried it... Very tempting toasted!!!

Here is Barb's crumb... 

I can see the similarities... The fillings are marvelous and somewhat different with each different bake... Barb actually stayed true to the recipe and put hazelnuts and all the good stuff in hers... Helen and I improvised with walnuts and other fruits...

 This is my crumb... as you can see we have a group of very similar looking breads and I am sure similar tastes... I just know that several days later... ours is great for toast... my husband had peanut butter on his this morning and loves it that way.

 A fun day of baking... when we get together... despite the miles between us... we always have a great time and enjoy the exchange of information and experiences... Helen and Barb and I fixed Party Trays and treats to share with neighbors and co-workers and friends. 

In a couple of days we will be able "Awaken the Artist Within" while creating sugar cookies... Fun times, Great Sisters and Holiday baking... you have to ask yourself... "Does it get any better than this?" 

Happy Baking,

Barbra, Diane, and Helen (in birth order)...

Merry Christmas Everyone.


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Lucy loves to eat snails so she would love these big snails that taste like babka!  They all looks so tasty as usual.  I was wondering what happened to last week's bake post:-)  The Holiday's have a way of making sure some stuff just doesn't get done.  Lucy didn't get around to making stollen until yesterday because she was so busy napping, sleeping and taking a break from everything that doesn't involve doing nothing.  She sounds a lot like me come to think about it :-)

Glad to see you are bake to posting and hopefully we will see what you baked last week!

Happy baking GMA's

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That was the week that was! LOL... The Gubana is what we baked last week... this week we are baking Sugar Cookies... and Gingerbread Cookies... Wait til you see 'em... Refrigerator art for sure. ;-)

Thanks for the kind words..

Happy Holiday Baking!



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Beautiful bake as always!

Happy Holidays.



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Those look delicious. My mom and sister both love to bake, in general, but they don't love it as much as I do. It would be fun to do coordinated baking days together! I wish I could talk them into trying breads with me. That's so great that y'all are able to do that!

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Seems like baking, and reading about baking have been relegated to a second place for the last couple of weeks. The Gubana, now but a memory was as good as the week I brought home the Carol Fields book. I know there must be lots to catch up with on DAB's and Ian's baking adventures, and of course Max and Lucy.The days of preholiday baking are upon us...time for me to get busy! When my sisters were here, we baked Stollen and Fruitcake. Fruitcake has been aromatically aging in its special tin. I took the Stollen out of the freezer last week so it should be ready by Christmas too.

Merry Christmas to everyone and Best Wishes for a peaceful and happy New Year filled with family, friends, and great baking adventures!


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I used the recipe from Merry Christmas, Happy Baking.