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flours for ........

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chip c

flours for ........

 Hi, wondering if or what diff. is between pastry and '00' flour. Are they interchangeable and for what uses eg: bread, pastry items etc? thnx

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Greg D

I believe that "Type OO" flour is based on the fineness of the grind and not on the protein content.  In my area virtually all of the OO flour sold is intended for pizza dough and has too much protein for pastry.  According to some web sites they do make OO flour in a range of protein contents from 6.5 to 12.5, so maybe your local sources are different from mine but generally speaking I would reserve OO for pizza or other uses requiring higher protein flour.

Happy Baking.

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tipo 00 is usually for pastry. It is the weakest and just has to have a minimum of 9% of Protein and a maximum of 0.55% of mineral ash.

tipo 0: minimum 11% protein; max 0.65% ash
tipo 1: min 12% protein; max 0,8% ash
tipo 2: min 12% protein; max 0.95% ash

As you can see, it is a minimum of protein and a maximum of ash. So the double-zero one has the right ash amount for pastry. I wouldn't use the type 1 or 2. The problem might still be the high amount of protein.
But acually this is written on the bag. You can see if it is for (per) pizza, bread (pane), sweets (dolci) or pastry (torte).


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chip c

  Thnx to Adrian and Floyd(???) for the helpful and informative responses. Now I'm looking for Red Hard Wheat flour(in what form does it come and/or how is it identified) and sources for san felice 00 flour. I'm working on pizza dough and wanted to try to blend flours to see the effect.

  Thnx again,

   Chip C