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This might belong in "Off-Topic" , but...

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This might belong in "Off-Topic" , but...

But I I'm putting it in my blog because I don't want to forget this day.

First, although, like most, if not all of you, I have a passion for baking. With such a passion, only a fool would not be a member of TFL.

My passion, however, spills over into other domains. I am an unabashed Foodie. For example, two days ago I tested a brine-cured ham I am preparing for Christmas. It was perfect: ready for smoking. I celebrated with a glass of our home-vinted 2009 Barolo.

Since finding TFL four years ago, I've searched the web for other food-related websites with the same flavor, the same sense of community evoking the same feelings of being among friends and neighbors. 

I'm still searching. 

Today I came close:

At least checkout the top winner:

I've not checked out any in depth, but I have perused the the first four winning blogs enough to suggest they are worth examining, and worth passing on to likeminded folk. They are as literary, or at least journalistic, as they are culinary. I'll check them all out before the first of the New Year.

David G


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let me know, because I will follow you there. I currently have a blog over at BlogSpot which has been largely ignored since finding this site and making some foodie friends over on Facebook.

I too have become an unabashed foodie, at least that is what I use as my rationale for having no less than 9 kinds of vinegar and 7 kinds of oil in my pantry. Weather permitting I grow herbs in my kitchen window. My kitchen window currently is covered with two inches of ice on the INSIDE and the scant two hours of actual sunshine we get every day does not shine in that particular window! (I'm in Interior Alaska!)

I would love to find a site similar to this one but for food and cooking in general. And if they have a sense of humor, so much the better, because some days I just really need to vent. Some days I am old and cranky, there is no specialty kitchen, baker, or chef store any where near where I am. I might balk at ordering a pound of specialty flour for $18/pd, but the $96.80 to ship it here just seems excessive to me. I did however, on one occasion, spend $40 to get two bags of M&M's, so I never really  rule anything completely out!

And I do have my own peculiararities, like not always being able to spell. I'm a salmon snob, a coffee snob (thank Keurig for that one) and a bit cantankerous, so should you stumble upon something that you think will work for me, please pass it along!

Here's a link to my BlogSpot, and really, come the first of the year, I'm going to do a better job of "blogging" regularly!