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Half Sourdough English Muffins

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Half Sourdough English Muffins

Mmmm. English muffins.

So I used floydm's recipe with commercial yeast and a glob (about 200grams) of leftover old fermented dough (I saved it after it overproofed). I made an overnight sponge with the yeast and also let the majority of the flour autolyse overnight before combining all into the final dough. I let it bulk ferment overnight and cooked them in the morning.

I guess the gluten development was lacking. Also, I think that after forming they should rise a bit ... the resulting crumb was rather fine and although tasty not what I had in mind. Of course cutting the muffin with a bread knife didn't really help (as noted in the piccy).

The batch made 12 muffins, I gave 4 to a neighbor who loved them. My wife had one and loved it (I found that a bit surprising as she is getting a bit tired of my SD experiments).

For the next batch I will focus on gluten development, and then a decent rise after cutting (maybe 45 minutes at 80F).