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Winco Whole Wheat Bread Flour

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Winco Whole Wheat Bread Flour

I found a flour in the bulk section of Winco labeled Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Bread Flour.

I'm a little confused about it because it doesn't look like Bob's Red Mill sells Whole Wheat BREAD Flour in a package.

I tried it yesterday (I'm a newbee using a bread machine) and it didn't rise much.  I've also used the regular Whole Wheat Flour and Whole Wheat Pastry Flour packaged from this brand.  I'm wondering if the Winco stuff really is bread flour.

I'm trying to stick to making whole wheat bread and not using white so I thought this was great, but now, not so sure.

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Greg D

The whole wheat bread flour sold in the bulk food department of Winco in my area is definitely Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Bread Flour.  I have seen them filling the bins from the 50 pound bags, and I have discussed the question with the employee who services the flour bins.  I can't speak for the rest of the country.  I have had no problems using Winco flour vs. the 50 pound bags of Whole Wheat Bread Flour I normally buy at Cash N Carry (Smart N Final) which are labeled as being from Pendleton Mills, etc.

PS - I don't do a lot with bread machines, but you may want to confirm that your recipe was developed to use bread flour vs. all purpose flour.  In my experience, the moisture absorption is different for high protein vs. low protein flours, which might explain a denser loaf if directly substituting bread flour for all purpose?  I am sure there are people here with more expertise than me on this topic.

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If the recipe was for white bread flour, not whole wheat, and you didn't use the correct machine setting, that can be part of the problem too.

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I e-mailed Bob's Red Mill about it and here's the response:

Thank you for contacting Bob's Red Mill.

Though our Whole Wheat Flour works well in yeasted breads, we do not label it as a bread flour. If the product in the bin was our flour, I can assure you that it is our Whole Wheat Flour and not another product.

When using this flour in yeast breads you can add 1 tablespoon of Vital Wheat Gluten, however it is not needed.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us again.

Have a great day!

Jean Baker
Customer Service Representative
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods