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Are brotform bannetons food-safe?

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Are brotform bannetons food-safe?

I wanted to buy one of those brotform bannetons at ebay. They all come from china, and not very expensive (around 13$ for 8'' banneton). I wondered if the material they are made of is food-safe as I guess the dough might absorb any chemicals that in the cane.

Any safety tips?



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Mini Oven

I don't know where they get their cane, but I've been in China and can say that the countryside is very polluted from my observations.  Take that information for what it is worth.  It has been my experience that quality control and environmental cleanliness play second to production and time schedules.  


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But even those at Amazon come from China. Do you have a recommendation for a specific product?


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Brotform from Germany are trust worthy in my opinion They are expensive but well made and will survive in commercial setting.

My wife and I are careful about avoiding any food coming from China, they tried poisoning my dog I use to buy a gravy for her as a treat that originated from China the gravy was recalled because they used some sort of chemical used in plastic (Melamine) in it because it caused it to test higher for protein.  Later that same stuff was found in baby formula originating from the Peoples Republic.  


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Fantes also sells brotforms and bannetons, sourced from Germany and Slovakia.

SFBI (San Francisco Baking Institute) carries them as well, but their website fails when one attempts to check on the manufacture.  But you could call them and ask.

I purchased mine from Fantes about five years ago and they are still in excellent condition.