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We 3 gmas baked Finnish Nissua... plus

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We 3 gmas baked Finnish Nissua... plus

The lead in picture shows that we baked Nisu plus other breads... Helen's picture leads in with her braided Nisu breads and her Alaskan Sourdough. We had a great time baking these breads and decided that we LOVE the dough from this Finnish Nisu (Nissua) bread... it will be the go to recipe for future sweet breads and cinnamon rolls... in fact, today I am going to make a raisin swirl bread with the same recipe.  

Here are our pictures of how this bread came out for us....

 These are Helen's braids before baking.

The next picture shows Barb's braids... beautiful... My two sisters are great at braiding bread dough... lovely.

 Barb said she was surprised and pleased by the oven spring... 

These loaves look great. Good Baking Barb!

And the crumb is nice and spring and beautiful... the bread really tastes good. We all love the taste!

\Below is my crumb, looks a lot like Barb's so I must be doing something right. 

 My bread is not sitting around like other breads I have baked ... we are feasting on it and looking for more... The recipe we used was from for Finnish Nisu... check it out, you too will become addicted to this one.

 With some sprinkles, this would make a great centerpiece for the Christmas table.

Happy Baking everyone!

Barbra, Diane and Helen (3 gmas)





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Wow!  I have never heard of this bread before but now I'm happy I have.  These all look great and I will have to try myself.  Thanks for sharing.



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bu the more sugar you out on it the better I like it:-)  That Alaskan bread is pretty fine looking too.  Very nice braiding to go with that great crust!  Got to look this recipe up and...../buy more powdered sugar!  Nice baking GMA's - it all looks so good as usual

Lucy and I are baking tomorrow but we really messed the recipe for the bread up pretty bad thinking it was Sinclair Bakery's  potato rolls that we were also making at the same time  So the first mistake was putting butter in the bread and 2nd mistake was putting the roll poolish in the SD bread too! 

Happy Christmas baking to you all.

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The Alaskan Sourdough began with your picture Ian, from a year or so ago. Went to the nwsourdough site for more information and kind of combined the two. After reading that it was similar to Sheepherder's Bread, I started looking for more references. The favorite one was a comment and recipe from a person who said their mother in law gave them the recipe along with the Sunset Magazine article where she had found it. The article said the bread was blessed and then the first piece shared with their faithful companion, their dog. It seems we aren't the only ones who recognize the importance of our furry, and usually faithful, friends. The sugary glaze adding in the last eight minutes of baking gives the bread just a hint of sugar, nothing like a glaze but worth taking the trouble to do.

The Finnish bread is very sweet, I think even more so than a cinnamon roll dough. Flour sugar ratio was something like 1 cup sugar to 7 cups flour.

Looking forward to seeing the awesome results of towering bread/rolls from your bake tomorrow DAB-

It was a fun baking day, texting and sending pictures back and forth as we went along.

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We have so much fun when we bake together... I hope other siblings do this... our sister time each week makes the miles between us disappear a little bit.  And when we discover an amazing recipe it is a great plus. This one is good... It should be Barb's turn to pick this week, because I am holding out for sugar cookies the week before Christmas!!! 

Continuing the Happy Holiday Baking!


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Have been gathering nuts and berries for weeks (well nuts really, the liquers are really berries though) Unusual taste but one not to be forgotten once you've tried it.

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Hi Diane,
I smiled when I read "...we are feasting on it and looking for more..."   :^)
This really is a gorgeously-flavored bread - we love it, too.
Very lovely braids and bakes - all of them!
:^) breadsong

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My fathers family were Finnish, but we always called it Pulla in Canada -- One of my favourite breads! Any of the Pulla recipes you search on this site are quite authentic. I still have my mothers hand written recipe.No, hey, hey! Ski