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problem with the shape

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problem with the shape

hi there, i tried to bake a bread, for sandwich(baguette).

but at the end i have a u shape tunnel. please see the pics bellow. 

 flour -1000 grams

salt- 20gr

sugar- 20gr

olive oil- 30

yeast- 15

ireks proover -5 gr

water- 550gr

i bake it under 220-240 C. with little steam, until i have the needed color. 

i proof it until it doubles in size. 

but when i take out of oven i have this u shape baguette. 

please help with your ideas how to fix it and what is the reason??

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Interesting, BUT I have a problem believing that the picture represents all that remains of 1.5+ kg of bread dough!


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Mini Oven

how about some more pics?  Cross cut crumb shot and perhaps the shaping method.  

I would like to know if the shrinkage shows only on the outside.  Does the crumb also shows a hollow where the dough pulled in?  This looks like too much tension in the dough, like a rubber band it can't relax and then pulls in while cooling.   What happens exactly to the rolls as they come out of the oven?  Is the crumb baked through?  Does this happen to all of the rolls?  

Off hand, I would bake a little lower temp closer to 200 - 220°C and see if it makes a difference.  Or lengthen the bulk proofing.   1.5% yeast,  what kind of yeast?   


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Lobster Claw rolls by mistake.  Failures can lead to some great new things.

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Les Nightingill

You could probably get a PhD out of this. If 1.5kg of ingredients bake down to this tiny loaf, it's time to explore the architectural potential.

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was the top (assuming that the bottom is pictured) slashed?  That's a surprisingly dry dough (55% hydration) for baguettes.  One would expect there to be too much stiffness in the crumb to allow that much collapse.  

The ireks proover is something that I am not acquainted with.  What purpose does it serve in the bread?  Is it a dough improver of some type?

Some additional information about the mixing / fermenting / shaping / fermenting process might be helpful in diagnosing the problem.  


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the loaf is 300grams. I just wrote down the ingredients I used.

the ireks is a dough improver. makes bread bigger in size. the shaping is done in a usual bagel shaping style. 

perhaps I need to bake them in a lower temp. or add more water. 

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Mini Oven

I'm not seeing what you're seeing.

" the end i have a u shape tunnel. please see the pics bellow."

There are no pictures "below." (please explain how I may view them)  I see only one picture and it looks like about 50 to 80g of dough in your hand in a strange shape, but not sure what I'm looking at.  

Is it a long stick that reshaped itself bringing the points together or a shape that separated on the seam forming a point, or something else?

The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to help or make suggestions.  The recipe is fine but I also wonder what the dough enhancer is up to.  Do you need to increase hydration or dough ageing with this type of enhancer?  What happens if it is left out?