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Turkey Bake (pic heavy)

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Turkey Bake (pic heavy)

So I have been a wee bit busy over the last week or so and here is an account of the baking.

Remember to gather ALL the tools required before baking. Mise en Place people!

I needed to make some plain bread for Stuffing/dressing.

Well not really plain.

Time to shape.

Then into the fridge for an overnight proof. Meanwhile I can make the cranberry sauce, it is always better after it sits for a couple days.

The next moring, time to bake.


Then the sainted wife calls and asks if I can make a cake for Thanksgiving? Who am I to deny her, so more Mise en Place was in order.

Cakes were baked.

And assembled.

and then dinner was served.

Well I hope everyone had a safe and happy Giving of Thanks dinner.

and to all…..

Happy Xmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate.




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Looks awesome, man! 


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Looks great.

Full Sail is good stuff, too.  Just returning from the States, that was the one thing I made a point to bring back with me: Oregon beer.

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I certainly do miss Oregon. We only lived there for a few years, I would love to move back. If you can get over the rain it is a beautiful state. Wonderful nature and fantastic fishing. And the beer scene is amazing. Now there is a big movement toward hard apple cider in the Gorge areas, I hope Perry get made as well, love some perry cider.

Welcome back Floyd



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That cake is beautimous and wonderous to behold and your Thanksgiving Feast looks great.

I have a Construction Tool and Supply hat that has a catchy tag line on the side that goes well with the caption on your beer.

Happy Baking

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Cheers Dab, be safe, happy, and well.



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Song Of The Baker

Nice feast and very nice lift on that loaf.