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Avoiding non-stick surfaces

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Avoiding non-stick surfaces

Does anyone have a breadmachine that DOES NOT have a non stick pan??? I am trying to stay away from non stick.  Seeds tend to scrape it and it inevitabley ends up in the food! I am trying to keep toxins out of my body.  

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I know Beem makes a machine with a ceramic nonstick bread pan but not sure if it's available in N.A.

I have tried without success to find out what Zojirushi's nonstick is, which is easy to find for their rice cooker but not so much for the bread machines. I've had their 1 lb machine for a year now and it seems more ceramic than teflon-like, but I don't know.  I do know I bake multigrain loaves with all kind of seeds 2-3 times a week, with no signs of breakdown or flaking of the nonstick on the pan yet, although there is starting to be some peeling on the tip of the paddle. 

Good luck and be sure to report back if you find one available this side of the pond - you're certainly not the first to ask.

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Kitchen Barbarian

Yeah ... whatever floats yer boat but ... Teflon is ENTIRELY INERT in the human body.  It is not toxic.  It is used in everything from plumbing to medical devices.  You could eat it by the handful and other than risking intestinal blockage (because it is not, after all, even remotely digestible) it would have no effect on you whatsoever.  There is nothing in it that will come out of it to hurt you when ingested or inserted in your body (in a shunt, or a pacemaker, or in sutures).  And blockage, btw, would not be at all possible unless you sit down and eat about a pound of the stuff.  So - little tiny flakes that MIGHT come off while kneading your seedy-dough can't even do that much.  They'll just pass through totally unnoticed by your body, which has much more important things to do.

Don't confuse the possibility of coming across microscopic specks of Teflon with the outgassing issue - which is also not that much of a problem, given that it doesn't even START to outgas until it hits 650F, and not in any serious quantity until 750F - at which point you have a fire, and much bigger and more immediate concerns.

BTW - the Zo IS coated with Teflon.  I have had one for over 5 years now.  It is not flaking nor does it show any signs of having been scratched.  I do mix other things into my breads such as seeds and dried fruits but no damage has been done, and even if it had, it wouldn't affect our health - because Teflon is inert in the human body (see above).