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Batard 11 26

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Batard 11 26

I again baked this Forkish style, proofing seam down and baking seam up with a slash. It looks like the well sealed seam bloomed open.

Formula wise, this was identical to my last bake:

300g total flour, using strong bread flour and 10% durham semolina

231g water

8g coarse sea salt


I used 25g YW levain and 25g sweet levain @ 100% hydration and mixed about 24 hours after the levains were fed. they stayed on the counter until bed time then went into the fridge.overnight then back onto the counter to warm up for the mix.

Holey oven spring Batman! Wow does that YW ever cause an oven explosion!

Sometimes an old skibum needs a multi-purpose kitchen. Hey, I can tune my skis while the pizza dough rises.

Happy baking folks! Brian


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Has to taste just as good!  You have the YW /SD.combo levain down pat - or should I say downhill with that ski shop kitchen and pizza parlor!

Looks great Ski and Happy Baking. 

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Your YW method has kicked my breads up another notch or two! The YW has had 3 feedings now and is fizzing along nicely and smells amazing and boy does it ever give some oven spring! Great flavour too with the YW.

My sweet levain is getting pretty strong now after constant feedings every other day and time mixed between counter by day and fridge nights. I am really enjoying this bread. My pizza dough is similar, but I sub AP flour for bread flour as I can't find Caputo 00 here. The organic AP dough is quite a bit more extensible than the strong bread flour I buy at my local Artisan bakery and the pizza always gets raves. I still have no pizza photos. Well I could show you a piece of leftover piece of pancetta and sauteed garlic.

My next bake I will go with the totally organic bloom on my batard. Hey, great taste and interesting results and it is totally working for this old skibum.

Happy baking! Brian

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Nice looking bread as usual.  That's a nice multipurpose kitchen :).

If you want some CAputo flour yui can find it reasonably priced in the internet as I did.

Happy Turkey Day.

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. . . I will try and find some 00 on the internet from a Canadian site. I have another identical mix going today and when I bake this, I will proof seam down, bake seam up and not slash. I also have another batch of pizza dough on the go  and am doing both side by side. For my pizza dough I use 30g durham semolina, 55g bread flour and 215g AP. The resulting dough is quite a bit more extensible than my bread dough and has made great pizza, but I want to try the difference 00 flour makes.

My levains are now both extremely strong. For the first time I fed my left over YW levain some fresh YW and flour 1:1:1, ditto for the sweet levain. They have more than doubled in 6 hours and smell wonderful. All of my mixed levain breads have been great eating and the organic bloom has produced some interesting looking loaves.

Happy baking folks!  Brian


PS happy turkey day to you too! :-) Eat well!

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. . . that I should pay a visit to some chefs in locally owned pizza joints and see if they will sell me 00. I buy my bread flour from the local artisan bakery, so what the heck!