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Bread machine paddle has black streaky stuff

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Bread machine paddle has black streaky stuff

Over the years I have gone through many breadmachines.  It seems the bucket and paddle get worn out.  Not too long ago I purchased a Breadman 1060S.  This model had a collapsable Paddle.  Now already too soon, I am finding black stuff around the paddle and in my bough.  Sometimes it is alot.  Does anyone else have this issue?  What other paddle fits on the breadman?  I am tired of spending money on parts and new machines annually!  The non stick aspect of the pan is not desirable either.  I just want to mix dough.  i worry I am eating the non stick surface and some metal filings. 

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I experienced the same thing with my Sunbeam bread maker. Of course I stopped using it after that, hoping to find a cheap replacement pan. This was over 4 years ago. Never really bothered to look for a replacement. Just settled on mixing dough by hand.

I always assumed it was some kind of lubricant from a leaky paddle shaft seam/assembly.

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Have you tried contacting the company? I had the same problem with a Kitchenaid paddle and the company sent out a replacement free of charge.

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Yes I did call breadman last night and they are sending replacement parts!! I love that kind of service. 

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Kitchen Barbarian

Thoroughly clean the post and the inside of the blade where it fits over the post.  Sometimes new appliances have some residue left over on the metal parts from the manufacturing process which can leave grey or black streaks.  Good quality stainless steel will do this on your dinner plates also, which is why even "good" flatware uses a lower grade of metal on the knife blades than on the handles.  I think it's the nickel in the SS that leaves the marks.

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This problem was noted in several reviews about the machine on the Canadian Tire site and a few others. It's what made me chose a different machine, but I'm interested in learning if there's a solution. The machine's specs sounded great and if it's solved, I may get one.

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So i got a replacement paddle a few months ago and once again it has the same issue.  The paddle is collapsible and where it moves, black stuff comes off from rubbing  two metal pieces together.  Why do they make them out of this crappy stuff.  The new paddle they sent me has a little rubber nub on the end so when it collapses it won't rub and scratch off the non stick coating.  If it was solid, strong stainless it would be great! I just use the machine for mixing dough, not really baking.  I like the power and dough is amazing! Just hate to waste the time and find its garbage because who wants to eat metal bits! I would love to find a stainless steel bucket and paddle with no non stick coating! Maybe even a solid silicone pan may work.  I use the bread machine to mix and proof and always shape by hand bake in the oven. 

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Oh I do understand how anoying this must be.

Why do not invest in a Stand Mixer this time instead of buying another Bread Machine?

If you are only after the mixing / kneading, it would save you money in the long run.

I used to have a Brad Machine which I loved dearly, but after 5 ½ years it broke. 

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David Esq.

 if the metal is put in the dishwasher and it is aluminum, this may be the cause of the streaking. 

However, if it is the nonstick coating you see,     I wouldn't  eat that bread.  I gave up non-stick surfaces, except for making an over-easy egg, finding that their care is more than I care for. 

Petra's suggestion is an excellent one. Another would be to try the stretch and fold technique if hand kneading is difficult.