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Reines Dinkel - Pure Spelt Bread, well sorta....

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Reines Dinkel - Pure Spelt Bread, well sorta....

Great bread! We loved it, I'll have to make it one more time to get the moisture content right as the crumb in my version came out a spongy. But I'm amazed to get this much rise in such a high whole grain bread. The interesting thing about this bread is that it uses both a bread starter and also yeast at the final stage. The dough rose on schedule!

I didn't have the Spelt 1150 flour so I used a mix of pure spelt flour with bread flour. I guessed from what I read on the web.

The dough was very wet and soggy, I bowl mixed and later kneaded with a hand paddle.

I used parchment paper on my loaf pan suspecting this dough was going to be sticky and partially covered the pan with aluminum foil. This helped as I didn't know if the dough was going to require longer cooking that the 60 minutes recommended.

Try it, for me it was challenging but I'm going to take one more crack at it to get it right. My family loves it!

Here's the links to the recipe -

I used Google Translate to get there.





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good, light and fluffy, another successful recipe from Lutz website. Well done, getting hungry over here.