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Cowpie Loaf!!! If it is true....

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Cowpie Loaf!!! If it is true....

that baker's have to EAT their mistakes... I am okay with this one.  I used a chewy roll recipe.. attempting to get those big holes I envy... but "Lucille Ball" was in the kitchen!!!

  This looked promising... but the jiggliness was 

a scary factor... I knew it would either flatten or stick... welllllll..... 

It chose to stick... totally....but the real    

funny thing was the bubbles started growing and popping... I had to throw it in the oven to KILL it!

 Tastes great... nice and chewy... course had to have some warm.... not much chance of ruining the look of the loaf by cutting too warm... 

Never fear the mistakes in life... you learn something from each of them.

Happy Baking, Diane


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Pretty fearless to plop it right out on the counter too - without parchment ? I'm guessing you could have folded everything into the middle to make a boule  and let tit rise right on the parchment ....If it taste great then who cares if it looks like a Cowpie - e i e i o!

You are right about mistakes too.  Many successful people.... failed their way to the top!

Happy baking

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a few loaves must fall...  after baking more of the Alaskan Sourdough this morning and seeing one tall and one short loaf come out of the oven I have decided once again, that for me, bread baking is more of an art form than a science. I'm with you both, as long as it tastes good and provides healthy nourishment, who cares how tall it is!