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What size Banneton Brotform?

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What size Banneton Brotform?

What's the best size to get for making 500 gm loaf of bread?  Any good sources to buy?

I'm thinking these would make an excellent form for my future breads.  I am trying to visualize how I might flip a bread onto a hot skillet...  perhaps flipping to a parchment paper on the counter top and then placing in the skillet.  i'm using a cast iron dutch oven and like parchment paper on bottom since it help keep some of the iron out of the bread.

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Here's a pretty good list of dough sizes and brotforms.  Personally I use a 8" brotform for 500 gram - 600 gram doughs, and use a 9" for 1000 gram doughs.

Two common ways to manage baking bread in a dutch oven (non combo cooker):

1) parchment paper used to transfer, as you noted

2) bake with a cold dutch oven.

There's a lot of discussion on using a cold dutch oven.  I couldn't get as good of bake with this method, but others seem to have made it work.

Here's my weeknight 600 gram boules, using an 8" brotform, baked in a combo cooker.

artisan bread combo cooker

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Apparently one day only.

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Yes, they're made in China...


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