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Today's boule

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Today's boule

Another nice Forkish style loaf, 300 g flour, 10% durham semolina, 231 g water 1 tsp coarse sea salt and 3/4 Tbs EVOO. I once again worked at tight seams during the fold of the pre-shape and shape and it looks like a pretty tight bloom on this bake. Again this loaf was risen with 25g sweet levain and 25g yeast water levain.

I debated about scoring this one and in hind sight think I would have got better spring with a single score. I am consoled by the fact that this is one tasty loaf and after all isn't that why we bake?

I love this bread and enjoy baking it! Crumb:

Happy baking! Brian

PS Ski season is full on here now and I have less time to browse this site and every other site, less time to bake, but all day to ski. We got bombed with snow earlier this week and this old skibum has a BIG smile on his face right now. After skiing boot top snow for 21/2 hours today, my legs could barely carry me up the stairs to the bar for the celebratory pint of beer . . . Ski


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shape, you might have the strength to get a knife ready to slash that boule:-)  It is still beautifully baked anyway.  Well done Ski and Happy baking when you aren't skiing!

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I am really enjoying the flavours of the yeast water levain and my now burly sweet levain. This is the perfect flavour profile, 'white bread' for my palate -- great toast and great sandwiches! I did manage to mix my first hot Italian sausage yesterday and one of my favourite red pasta sauces involves removing the meat mix from the casings. This time, no casings and it should be an interesting result. I am thinking of smoking some of the veggies, just because I can and that kiss of smoke is the ultimate spice, to quote one of the books I have on the kitchen table.

Happy eating! Ski

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Another nice looking loaf.  I'm not a ski person but sounds like your in for a good start to the season.

I'm on my way to North Corolina for the holiday and stopped in Virginia for the night.  It's a balmy 25 degrees this morning.  Max's pee started to freeze over into a lake!