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Need good serrated knife for cutting bread

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Need good serrated knife for cutting bread

The one we have now is probably 8 years old, still very sharp but I'm having trouble getting thru a hard crust.  As many of you know, a dull knife is a dangerous thing to use.  I'm looking to get a better serrated knife wonder if anyone has any recommendations.  



Ken in Illinois

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I'm very happy with my Victorinox 40549 bread knife. Wicked sharp stainless, non-skid grip, reasonably priced. Just search the web for the Victorinox name and you will probably find several sources.


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I don't have advice for knives, but I found the most useful tool for my knives is a diamond coated sharpening steel. They are only about $ 25 and well worth the price to keep your knives sharp. I've tried various types of knife sharpeners.

I have a Lansky sharpening system with regular and diamond sharpening stones. After about the 3rd knife it's drudgery. I also have choc sticks sharpeners in a block of wood, a Chef's Choice electric knife sharpener and a diamond coated sharpening steel.

The diamond coated sharpening steel is the easiest and probably best choice for the average person.

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I have this one and enjoy it, although it's only 7" so it may be a little short depending on the size of bread you typically cut. If you have someone that sharpens knives nearby that'd be my first choice though... they can file the serration and make it good as new!

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It's really easy to sharpen a serrated blade if you've got the right tool.   Or you can get a serrated blade sharpened for you.  Often hardware stores and butcher shops have favorite sharpeners.  You might look up "sharpening a serrated bread knife" on Youtube for ideas.

Just remember, any knife you buy will ultimately need resharpening.  Do you really want to end up with a whole bunch of dull, though easily sharpened, bread knives when, instead, you could, with a little investment of time and money, learn to sharpen the one you already have?


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King Arthur has one that's rated five stars up and down the board.  I have one and love it.  It even cuts hot fresh baked bread easily and cleanly.  (Yes, I know...but don't tell me you've never cut a loaf straight out of the oven.) :)

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Mike Fitz

.. are you looking to spend? Across the board probably the highest rated for the price would be the "MAC Superior 10.5 inch Bread Knife". Gets rave reviews on the different knife forums and sites that specialize in chefs knives, I have one and it's my "go to" for bread. A little expensive, but worth every penny.

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Ken,  based on a suggestion on this forum,  I bought the edgecraft chef'schoice model 610 and love it.  It is obviously bigger and more expensive than an ordinary bread knife, but I haven't used my bread knife since.  Chef'schoice makes a number of difference slicers, as best as I can tell, the more expensive you get, the more steel, and less plastic, and better motors.  The 610 has worked great for all the bread i have thrown at it.