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Speaking of milling...

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Speaking of milling...

I picked up the little mill attachment for my new mixer and have been experimenting with it my last couple bakes.

My first batch used 40% fresh milled flour (hard red wheat), my second about 25%.  The flavour seems really nice, though I've got a bit of the cold and thus don't have the most nuanced sense of taste right now.

I have much to learn if I decide this is something I want to pursue.  For now I'm just having fun tinkering with a new toy, and the response from everyone who can taste has been quite good.


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annie the chef

I have just bought myself a little coffee grinder. It only can grind about 100g of wheat berries at the time at the finest setting.  I need to grind them twice to extract about 80% flour.

It's ok for making a levain and a dough or two. If more loaves to be baked in the future then I will have to acquire a toy like yours.

Happy milling!


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but it takes me 3 times to gy 75%.  Mine doesn't have any settings for the grind though - you just eyeball it.  Only burned one up and that was my fault for not letting the poor thing cool down and doing several whole grain loaves at once.   For one loaf of bread a week it isn't that bad but this week was crackers and a 100% rye so it took longer than normal

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annie the chef

 flour mill like Floyd's.  You are baking so often and many loaves at once.

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, huh?

Looks like a pretty nice little attachment there.  Where you are knee deep in moisture meters, and soil classifiers, let me know - there is help.

Seriously, fresh milled has the best taste ever and I know you will enjoy it. 



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So, aren't you glad you set up the Grains and Milling Forum so many years ago?
I'll expect a full report on your mill when you have the time :)
Happy milling and happy baking - SF

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Have fun with milling.   I'm sure it is a really well made attachment given the source.  -Varda