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Apricot Walnut Sourdough Braid

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Apricot Walnut Sourdough Braid

This is the second time I have made this recipe, so I am still working on it.  First time I made it, the starter was really active, and after I made the dough, I had to go out and left it too long, so it was over proofed. I brought some sourdough starter to my hometown of Milwaukee when my husband and I were in town this summer. I took it in checked baggage, used two ziplock bags over a glass container, and it worked.  I put a sticker on it with my address and said: "sourdough starter' in case the TSA folks were wondering what it was!)  I was in town again recently and just had to bake, as all of you understand. The starter was in the fridge for months and started up perfectly when I was there two weeks ago.  My sister fed it once for me during that time.  The starter was extremely active. I had apricots and nuts and thought I would make something with these ingredients for a Sunday football party.  Because I had to go out, I left it too long, and I thought the taste was too sour, and I didn't like the color. The starter I have in Milwaukee is much more active than the starter I have at home. The "baby" is better than the "parent."  For this one, my "home" starter wasn't active enough, so it took forever, and I got some wrinkling I didn't like. The braiding is kind of fun, but I didn't do the best job on this one. My husband gave it the thumps up, however; we just had it warm out of the oven and toasted.  I am trying to let the starter I have at home rest more, so it can become more active. Suggestions are certainly welcome.  I so much appreciate the encouragement, advice and outstanding baking on this site.  I have learned so much, but am always trying to get better.  Thanks to everyone!

I've attached the link to the recipe below.