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To Fail is to Learn ...

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To Fail is to Learn ...

Here is a pic I took this past Sunday.

On the left are failed attempts at Dave Snyder's SFSD and SJSD. I suspect it has to do with inadequate gluten development. Starter could be off but I've been able to work it up to the point where it will double in 3 to 4 hours ... we'll see.

Loaf on the right is "My Daily Bread" baked in a gas-fired oven, with a pizza stone, with a metal bowl of water, at 550deg F, until an internal temperature of 205 deg F was attained. Appears to have come out well, which I suspect has to do with 1) sufficient kneading (I used my Kitchen Aid), and 2) a tad lower hydration. SWMBO decided we'd save it for Thanksgiving, so any crumb pictures will have to wait.

As you can see it had quite a bit of oven spring, so I'm fairly certain that it was a bit underproofed when it went into the oven.

I've decided to try a version of MDB using starter (instead of packaged yeast) for the poolish...

More later.