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Almonst 50% Local Whole Wheat Bombers

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Almonst 50% Local Whole Wheat Bombers

Made some 1.2 kg boules using a liquid white and stiff wheat levain this weekend.  I used about 48% wheat and 2 % rye (in the form of rye sour used in the liquid levain) I would have used my white starter but I didn't have quite enough for both levains so instead of adding a touch of rye flour i built off of my rye sour.  I wanted a full flavored bread with volume and keeping qualities in a relatively small amount of time.  So 30% of the flour was prefermented which boosted both bulk and final ferments.  2 hours and 1 hour.  Since the loaves were so large right after shape I retarded 2 loaves and proofed 1 at room temp.  It was ready to go at just shy of an hour and I missed it so it was a touch over but not bad at all.  The other loaves followed after 1 hour, then 2 hours.  The slow rise in the retarder helped a great deal.  Next time I'd retard all and bake start baking at the 2 hour mark.  

that is my assistant "Seven" and she is pleased with the results.   As am I.  As expected this bread was better on day 2.  Last loaf is left and we'll see how it is on day 3.




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my favorite everyday sandwich bread.  Multi-grain high hydration and retarded. Crust and crumb just oerfect.  Has to taste great by the way they look inside and out/  Nicely done Josh.

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Josh, those are some great looking loaves of bread.  My assistant approves and thought your scoring was beautiful as well.  He doesn't want DA's Lucy to get jealous but he says Hi to Seven. 


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annie the chef

How much water was in the dough? The crumb is beautiful so as Seven. She is so cute!


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Your scoring is very pretty and your crumb is shinny and open. Excellent bake!! 

Seven is really cute, i think she really wants a bite of your bread!!


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Seven says hi to all and wants to eat everything and anything.  Once your 14 years old you deserve to eat is her philosophy.  

@Annie hydration was 80.5% 

Bread was good day after cooled.  Really good a day later.  Today it tasted at its best but was starting to get a bit crumbly.  But man the flavor was so good this morning.  Nice Sour, chewy crust which added tons of sweet and toaty notes.  Very good


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of baking apprentice to make14 years in a hot kitchen. A little nibble here and a little nibble there, next thing you know - it's 15 years..Say hi to Seven - times 2.

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Very nice Josh, well done.  :)