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Chocolate soufflé-cake suitable for coeliacs

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Chocolate soufflé-cake suitable for coeliacs

In recent months I have been curious about baking cakes with no gluten. In many recipes I’ve found ingredients that replace wheat flour. In some cases it was almond meal or some kind of flours specially prepared for such preparations. This time I’ve prepared a chocolate cake that doest not contain any kind of flour, because it’s a kind of soufflé. I have obtained this recipe in the Fabulous Bakers Brothers book.

Abel Sierra, Barcelona

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I have a recipe for a similar  dessert that is called "Flourless CHocolate Cake". The recipe I have has fewer eggs and is butter based so it is rather thick and fudge-like., You souffle cake looks like it would be light and fluffy and just melt in your mouth.

Great holiday recipe for celiac folks and their family