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Big Green Egg wood fired ceramic outdoor bbq and bread

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Big Green Egg wood fired ceramic outdoor bbq and bread

A few years ago we bought one of these - it is use wood chips (flavoured or not) and it can hold at 200 degrees all day for pulled pork or smoking or can rise to 600 degrees for pizza making. We have made bread and pizza on comes with a stone on feet....and it takes just a few minutes at 500 degrees to turn out a wood fired tasty pizza. Amazing that it does not throw heat, even when we crank it to the max...(I think it can get up to 700 degrees). You do need to keep it about a foot from walls though and we stood ours on a few cheap pavers from the garden store.

They do take some care...they have a strip of insulation inside that we have to replace periodically...but no more than a regular bbq.

You have to watch the bread because it does not take long and will burn at 500 if you leave it too long. 

Check out the Eggs at Ours is a biggie and cost about 900 dollars but we kind of wanted a second oven on the kitchen porch because our oven is small. There are smaller ones.