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Three pizzas

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Three pizzas

The first was with chanterelle mushrooms on a white sauce.  My wife's all time favourite.

The second BBQ chicken with red onion and cilantro. The kids got to it before I got my camera out.

The third chicken, red onion, and pesto.

All came out well.  I was playing with Reinhart's American style pizza dough.  It is good too and makes a thicker, stiffer slice than his neo-Neapolitan dough does, one that is easier to pick up with your fingers rather than eat with a fork and knife.  It is a good option to consider for a setting where you want people to be able to grab a slice and wander off. 


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These are some fine looking pies....and the mushroom version had to be to die for - your wife is on to something if you ask me.  Next the pesto for me then the BBQ but all 3 are killer - my new descriptive adjective this week.

Well done Floys!

trailrunner's picture

Great variety…you pleased the whole crowd it seems !  Love the look of that last one especially. c

isand66's picture

Awesome looking pizza Floyd.  What kind of white sauce did you use for the mushroom pizza?  I've been thinking of doing a similar version but have not taken the dive yet.


Floydm's picture

The white sauce was half an onion fried in butter for 10 minutes or so with one clove of chopped garlic tossed in for the final minute, then about a third of a cup of cream cooked down for about five minutes. Add in some salt and pepper and that's it.  Super simple. 

isand66's picture

Thanks.  That sounds great....I would of course have to complicate life and probably add some cheese to the mix, just because.....

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I thought about it!  I settled with a dusting of parmesan on top of it all. 

Skibum's picture

. . . with some very interesting flavour combinations! I totally understand why your chicken and red onion vanished -- looks amazing and I am hungry for pizza! I was just feeding my YW ans sweet levains and am doubling up the batch so I can bake both bread and pizza tomorow. I smoked a whole small chicken in apple wood and few days ago and will use dome leftovers and buy some red onions. and cilantro. It looks like you also have a couple of different cheeses on that one. I would love a slice or ten of that pizza right now! I will have to console myself with some left over smoked spareribs and my black bean chili using smoked stewing beef for the first time. GREAT looking ZA Floyd! Brian

Floydm's picture

Thanks, Brian!

Yup, the cheese on the BBQ chicken one was a cheddar/mozzarella mix.  

I think I've mentioned that I'm going to be doing a session on pizza making for the cooking club at our neighbourhood community centre. Hence the testing of different doughs and toppings. I want to show them a few "oldie but goodies" and offer few others that are a bit more out there and encourage them to use their imaginations!

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Song Of The Baker

Nicely done with the chanterelles!  My fave mushroom.  Figures an Oregon boy whips out the wild mushrooms on a pizza!...One of my fave pizzas is wild mushroom, roasted garlic, goat cheese, with parsley.

Super crust you got on those too.


breadsong's picture

Wow, Floyd, fabulous pizzas, all of them!
:^) breadsong

limmitedbaking's picture

The Pizzas look great! I see you have been practicing for the pizza session. I should pick up some tips from you too! Could never shape it and bake it up so nicely.


Mebake's picture

Fine looking pizzas, Floyd. Delicious toppings. the pesto one reminds me of a lovely pizza i've had in a restaurant before: spinnach artichoke pizza.


FlourChild's picture

Great looking pizzas, Floyd!  I'll be on the lookout for Chanterelles, we rarely get them here but when we do I'll know just what to do with them.

There's a very easy way to make a "white sauce" for pizza that I learned from Mozza:  whip some cream.  Just heavy cream and salt, or you can add flavorings.  I put the cold cream in a chilled coffee mug and whip it with an aerolatte, makes about 1/4 cup- perfect for spreading on pizza. 

dmsnyder's picture

Very creative toppings. 

I'm on the lookout for pizza topping combos with minimal cheese. I do love fresh mozzarella, but it's a calorie thing.