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Spelt/rye with RYW and SD

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Spelt/rye with RYW and SD

Latest attempt at a spelt bread was more what I was after. I still let it proof for one hour before retarding. Since reading Josh's post after I had made this I will move the shaped loaves into the fridge posthaste and not give them any bench time and see what happens. As you can see this has a lovely open crumb and I even got ears :) I attribute this to gentle handling. I incorporated John's sealing during shaping and then proofing the shaped loaf with the sealed side down and then scoring over the sealed area. Pictures show the result. Taste is creamy and crumb is tender.Raisin yeast water at work. Stored overnight in a brown paper bag and the crust is still amazing this AM. Made great toast and I am about to make an aged cheddar grilled cheese. 






just out of fridge : spelt and rye with RYW photo IMG_6707_zps6fdaef10.jpg crust :  photo IMG_6711_zpse8795872.jpg crumb shots: Spelt and rye crumb photo IMG_6712_zps717d048d.jpg  photo IMG_6713_zpsefd0a49e.jpg  photo IMG_6715_zpsac35a1db.jpg


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Nice bake.  Was this a 100% Spelt loaf?  I have used Spelt many time and I love it but I have not tried a 100% version just yet.


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Thankfully, it usually doesn't go the other way!  Very well done all the way around.  This is the kind of bread you can't get enough of - even with a big boule like that.  Skibum's seam side down proof, bread baked seam side up with a slash for good measure sure looks good when you do it too!  Very nice progress indeed!

Happy baking Trailrunner


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Ian and dab. No here is the formula I used for the 3 loaves. Each about 680 grams. 

775g AP

80g light spelt

80g dark rye

100 g raisin yeast water

460g water

480g100% light rye starter

23 g kosher salt

Mix all but salt and autolyse 2 hrs. Add salt and mixed by hand and did 1 s&f. Placed in oiled container 45 min and then did 2 s&f's. Back in container 45 min. 2 more s&f's and then shaped into 3 boules. Baskets for 1 hr room temp. Fridige for 12 or so hrs. Into 500 degree pots and left it at 500 for 10 min, then down to 460 for 5 more min. lids on. Took off lids and baked at 460 for 15 more min , to internal temp 212. Nice crackling on removal and very glossy inside the cracks on top as well as interior crumb. Well pleased with this one. Grilled cheese was fantastic…no pic :( all gone :) 

dab you are right…I am using the seam side down/then up /slash all the time and has great results. 

Ian I will get to a 100% as Jeurgan's post is still on my to do list. Let me know if you get brave enough sooner than I do !  c