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Tillamok Garlic chili cheddar with salami

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Tillamok Garlic chili cheddar with salami

This was my ode to my man!  I thought "hey these guys eat japaleno popcorn all day. I am going to send in some salami and spicy cheesy goodness!" I am picturing a home improvement Urrr Urrr Urrr sound coming from men as they take huge chunks of bread and taste that primal combo.  Well primal, maybe not there are no wild meats. However,  We have a wild woman, some wild yeast spicy cheese, and meat.  Let it begin!

cheddar chili salami crumb



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Please send some my way...looks and sounds great!


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Don't know how I missed this one Casey.  Those loaves look beautiful inside adn out but i bet they taste better than they look too.!  Meat, cheese, peppers on or in bread is - pimal.  Well done Casey!