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Central Milling organic AP flour in stock now at Costco in Portland, Ore.!

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Central Milling organic AP flour in stock now at Costco in Portland, Ore.!

After badgering my local Costco with a number of suggestion cards about carrying something other than bleached and bromated flours, I'm happy to say that the Clackamas Costco now has Central Milling's organic AP flour in stock. That is exactly what I was hoping for, and I have to thank the numerous TFL posters who have mentioned being able to get this flour at their Costco stores in California, Colorado and other states. It's two 10# packages of flour, with a cost per pound of 62.5¢. That is a real bargain for a great flour.

I'm pretty confident in saying the flour is the same as Central Milling Beehive organic, which has a protein content of 10.5% and has gotten rave reviews from many bakers, especially for artisan loaves.

I don't know if other Portland or Oregon Costco locations are stocking the flour. And I'm probably hoping against hope that my store will restock it when the pallet is empty. So if you live and bake in Portland -- and are also a Costco member -- get out there and buy some of this flour.

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that flour has vanished from Denver area Costco's.  They do carry it in Utah ( as well as Lehi Roller mills Turkey Red - gotta get a duffle bag so I can check some to home!)

I guess I'd better start some badgering...

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that enough people would buy the good flour? My local Costco in Maryland has the same brominated Archer Daniels Midland flour all the time, but I haven't approached them.

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@dsadowsk, I did not try to convince them about sales. Really, there's no way I could know. But I do know they turn over products very quickly, and I figured they could look to other Costco stores for a sales history on this flour.

Every time I went to the store I wrote a suggestion card asking for the Central Milling flour. I kept my comments short and polite, and always signed my name and member number. From TFL I knew the Central Milling product was available at Costco stores in other states, and I did often mention that. Sometimes I just asked for something that was not bleached flour. Once or twice I mentioned that the CM flour was organic, thinking that might be a sales point for them. 

I left them a card this past week thanking them for having the flour!

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I also bought this about a week or 10 days ago at the Eugene Costco. I got it there once before, several years ago, and have asked about it several times since then, to no avail. I will be following your example with the comment cards. Spread the word to bakers in or near Eugene.